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Living at home with dementia 

Challenges of daily activities 

In previous newsletters we have discussed living at home with dementia and some of the challenges associated with the home.  Whilst trying to retain familiarity wherever possible, there are a range of positive changes that can be made to enhance the home environment for a person with dementia. 

Last month we considered routines for morning and night.  This month we are focusing on planning for visitors. 

Planning for visitors 

Social interactions are positive for the person with dementia and having visitors can help with increasing socialisation and improving mood.  Sometimes, however it can be overwhelming and cause anxiety.  Some tips to help it be a positive experience are: 

  • Talk about the visit – talk about who will be coming and remind them who they are and how you know them.  You can write this down for them or provide a photo of the person. 

  • Be present – try to present when the visit begins.  You may prefer to limit numbers of visitors so that it doesn’t overwhelm them.  Also consider a hypersensitivity to noise. 

  • Discuss with the visitor – You could give the visitor some communication strategies such as telling them to avoid asking too many questions especially those that rely on memory.  The visitor should introduce themselves and remind the person who they are (in a relaxed, non-patronising way) and how they may know them. Consider getting out a photo album or listen to music together.   

  • Other visitor tips  

  • Establish a visitor routine – having visitors at regular and consistent times 

  • Discuss with the visitor that the person may be tired, or not talkative or even distressed during their visit.  Just enjoy sitting in silence. 

  • Allow the person with dementia some independence by leaving out the tea/coffee and a plate of biscuits.  They can use their practiced hospitality to welcome their visitors. 

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