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Navigating your aged care options

No-one likes to talk about getting old.  But at what age should you start thinking about your aged care needs?  The answer is simple – any age is a good time.

Three key mistakes we see people make when they don’t get the right advice:

  • Selling the home without understanding the implications

  • Being afraid to pay a lump sum (refundable accommodation deposit) for residential care accommodation and missing out on Centrelink concessions

  • Not generating enough cashflow

This is where we can help. Advice isn’t just about superannuation and investments.  Advice can help to show you how you can afford the care you need and provide clarity to understand how it all works. 

Let Aged Care Pathways WA assist you with navigating your aged care options.


How we can help you

Explore priorities and preferences

Assist family members to arrive at a mutually agreeable outcome

Understand costs of aged care

Provide you with an understanding of the costs to enter care, including ongoing fees

Identify range of aged care options

Provide you with an understanding of the range of aged care options and how they work

Access to aged care

Identify the steps required to access the correct type and level of care

The family home

Consider the role of the family home in funding entry fees

Centrelink/DVA benefits

Consider Centrelink/Department of Veterans Affairs benefits and how they may be affected

Cash requirements

Review your cash flow requirements

Estate planning

Guide you with your estate planning so it reflects yours and your family's wishes

How we got started

Janine initially assisted her (late) mother to enter residential care and was confused and overwhelmed by the system.

Since studying to become an Accredited Aged Care Professional (ACS)™ Janine has helped her father-in-law navigate selling his home and moving to a retirement village.  Prior to this she supported her (late) mother-in-law when she entered respite care in a residential placement.

At the same time, she has aided her father to remain in his home and obtain assistance through a home care package.

Lyn has been on a journey with four elderly parents at various stages of health and care needs, and now has her mother-in-law moved into a retirement village. Having recently lost her loved ones she has experienced hospice and residential care pathways to life end.

Janine and Lyn have experienced all facets of the aged care system with their own aging parents and parents-in-law.