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Navigating your aged care options

Navigating aged care options

Is aged care confusing and do you (or your loved ones) have the following questions:

  • What are my aged care options?
  • What costs are involved when entering residential care?
  • Do I need an ACAT assessment?
  • Should I move into a retirement village?
  • Can I afford to move into aged care?
  • I don’t have many assets or much income – do I need aged care financial advice?
  • How can I access Centrelink/DVA benefits?
  • Will my Centrelink/DVA benefits change when entering aged care?
  • What is the effect on my Centrelink/DVA benefits if I sell my home?
  • Do I lose my capital investment when I enter a retirement village or residential care?
  • When should I enter residential care?
  • Aged care looks expensive – how can I use my finances to access aged care?
  • What are the implications of selling my home?
  • Can my children pay my aged care fees?
  • What are the estate planning issues of my children paying the aged care fees?

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